Bheithir – Darksiders II Guide

Bheithir – Darksiders II Guide

Bheithir – Darksiders II Guide

This optional boss is part of a series of side quests given to you after challenging Thane to a fight, and winning. Also in this quest are the

Darksiders II: Side Quest Find and kill the Bheithir.

This video commentary, details how to complete the side quest “Find and Kill the bheithir.

This video shows you how to complete a side quest
This video shows you how to go head to head with the boss monster
This video shows you how to kick ass with melee weapons
This video shows you how kill the Bheithir

Darksiders II tips and tricks

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Darksiders 2 ♠ Lets Play – Bheithir Boss Fight – Forge Lands (Thane side quest), Walkthrough→

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Darksiders 2 – Bheithir kill guide – Apocalyptic

It’s simple: be overleveled or outgeared

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Darksiders 2 – Side Quest: Bheithir Boss Fight | Bheithir’s Talons

After completing the Maker Warrior quest, Thane tasks you with finding and killing a flaming bat named Bheithir, who resides within the basement of the Nook. In this episode I show the full boss fight, completing the “Find and Kill Bheithir” side quest.

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