Kalm – Final Fantasy VII Guide

Kalm – Final Fantasy VII Guide

Kalm – Final Fantasy VII Guide

Head for the town of Kalm, to the northeast*. Meet everyone on the 2nd floor of the Inn and Cloud will divulge what he knows about

*WARNING* Do NOT skip the Kalm Flashback Story in FF7 New Threat! Strong Rewards!

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Oh boy, this is big. So, one of the new features in Final Fantasy 7 that New Threat brings to the table, is the ability to skip some of the lengthier story scenes altogether. This is a nice feature for those who have played the original FF7 through a few times already. However, one of the skip options is for the story that Cloud tells the party at Kalm on disk one. DO NOT SKIP THIS ONE!

During the scenes, you will be able to access the Materia menu for both young Cloud (who is now stronger in the past than he is in the present lol) and Sephiroth. You could of course do this in the og game. What you could not do then is remove the duo’s materia for your current party. Well, now you can! Seen as how the materia has also been souped up remarkably for this mod, this is a one time chance to seriously overpower your team for very little effort. I am talking serious power here!

00:00 – Context
01:54 – What you need to do!

New Threat 2.0 is a fantastic gameplay and balancing mod for the original Final Fantasy VII! Honestly… this mod is so much fun I kinda think its enhancements to FF7 could have existed in the original game if Square had extra development time back in the day! This brilliant fan mod is not a ‘hard mode’ patch, it is a rebalancing of pretty much everything. Enemies, players, attacks, spells, items and statuses… On top of that, there is a bunch of new content and multiple toggles you can switch on for even more of a manic adventure!

If you would like to play along with me, you will need to own a copy of Final Fantasy 7 on PC. I am using the Steam edition, but the Square Store version – or even the 1998 PC disk version (if you still have that) will be fine. I recommend installing New Threat 2.0 with the 7th Heaven mod loader. It is a simple process but see my guide linked below for a step by step process to get you started.

Oh and please do come and say hello during my next FF7:NT live stream on Twitch (link below).


A huge thanks to Sega Chief for developing New Threat 2.0!
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7th Heaven (mod manager) setup guide ➤ https://youtu.be/OuLBylKhH6Y
Items & Stats tables (credit: Berub) ➤ shorturl.at/mnwyR


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Final Fantasy VII – Kalm Traveller Rewards

Defeating Ruby and Emerald Weapon will give you the Earth Harp and Desert Rose. With these items you can go and visit the Kalm Traveller who lives in the top floor of a house in.. Kalm. You will receive a Gold Chocobo and one of each of the following materia; Master Summon, Master Command, Master Magic. You can also turn in the Guide Book for the Underwater Materia at the same location (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUcd7cUVhr4).

Final Fantasy VII Tifa Date Guide #06, Kalm, Fort Condor, Recruiting Yuffie

This is video #06 in my guide to date Tifa in Final Fantasy VII. When the party escapes from Midgar at long last, they choose to split up. Each member chosen for the active party, except Red XIII, will earn 1 affection point. As before after defeating Sample:HO512, choose Tifa and Red XIII for the party.

Then, we pick up in Kalm, where Cloud has just finished telling his story about the Sephiroth incident in Nibelheim. When Barret wants to get a move on, first say “Wait a sec,” then say “Is that all?” This will lower Barret’s affection points by 1.

Afterwards, make sure that the party consists of Tifa and Red XIII, and go to the house right next door to the inn. The woman on the ground floor will comment that Mako energy is convenient. Tell her “You’re full of it” to give Tifa a boost of 1 affection point. Then, go upstairs and talk to the girl who thinks the old life is better. Tell her “Yeah, maybe” to give Tifa 1 more affection point.

The next opportunity to manipulate affection points is at Fort Condor. Be sure that you do this before you recruit Yuffie, if you choose to do so. When you talk to the old guy in Fort Condor, first say “I guess so” to choose to hear the old man’s story. This will give Barret 5 affection points. (It will also give Aeris and Tifa 3 affection points apiece.) When the old guy has finished his story, choose “All right.” The party members will get the same affection boost as before: 5 points for Barret, 3 points apiece for Aeris and Tifa.

Finally, it is your choice whether or not you want to recruit Yuffie. If you want to date Barret, it’s a good idea to wait on recruiting Yuffie until after you have done the date sequence. However, if you do recruit her, be sure you recruit her the first time and not let her run away. The correct responses will be the second choice, the first choice, the second choice, the first choice, and the second choice. Each correct response will add 2 to Yuffie’s affection points.

Thank you for watching!

This video is part of my Final Fantasy VII Tifa Date Guide playlist. All characters, story, music, artwork, and other copyrighted and trademarked components of this game are the property of their respective owners. Videos uploaded are educational and commentary in nature, as defined under the ‘fair use policy’ of copyright.

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Final Fantasy 7 – [Part 14] – Kalm Village (PS4) – No Commentary