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Chozo Soldier – Metroid Dread Guide This page contains information on how to defeat the fifth boss in Metroid Dread, The Chozo Soldier. This boss is first located in Elun, and can be found after How to beat the gold Chozo Soldier in Hanubia Metroid Dread You can parry him, and it lights up the shield, but I didn’t have enough attempts to find out how to break it (I tried powered shots and rockets but no dice, maybe try using the grapple). The method I used seemed to work just fine (jump over and shoot behind him). If you still need a copy of Metroid Dread for the Nintendo Switch, you can find one here and start playing along: https://amzn.to/3FDS2Wr This AMZ link does earn a commission, please see more info in my channel info. How to Beat Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers Boss Fight Guide | Metroid Dread (Switch)…

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