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Fort Faroth – Elden Ring Guide Fort Faroth is an abandoned fort now inhabited by Vampire Bats and Vampire Crones. Be sure to hit the Site of Grace outside before heading in. As you first [EP14] Elden Ring 100% Walkthrough – Fort Faroth – Radagon’s Soreseal – Lenne’s Rise Night’s Cavalry TROPHY PROGRESSIONLegendary Talismans 1/8 ITEM LIST4:14 5x Dragon Heart5:37 Dectus Medaillion (Right)6:03 Golden Rune [12]6:19 Radagon’s Soreseal8:40 Golden Rune [3]Golden Rune [6]Golden Rune [8]Golden Rune [1]12:04 Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step16:52 Arteria Leaf 17:16 Memory Stone17:56 Starlight Shards18:42 Stonesword Key COMBAT TIPS9:43 Night’s Cavalry Cheese Step 19:59 Night’s Cavalry Cheese Step 210:17 Night’s Cavalry Cheese Step 316:26 Crouch Strike IMPORTANT INFO1:41 Mix Wondrous Physick1:55 Extra Runes2:17 Slaying the Dragon2:39 13674 Bleed Damage3:21 Use item now4:42 Spend all Runes5:02 Fort Faroth6:38 You can die now7:24 Damn9:00 Equip Talisman9:13 Trophy progression9:23 Wait until Nightfall12:11 There we go13:28 Upgrades14:26 Level up15:15 Gear…

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