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Tatooine Datacron Locations – SWTOR Guide Republic SWTOR – Tatooine Datacrons Locations of Datacrons on Tatooine. http://www.swtor-holo.net/swtor-datacron-locations/swtor-tatooine-datacron-locations.html Datacron Locations – Tatooine (Republic) – Game Cannon SWTOR This video was brought to you by Game Cannon – http://www.gamecannon.co.uk A video guide to all of the Datacrons on Tatooine SWTOR Tatooine Datacron Locations – Empire / Imperial Walkthrough http://www.swtorstrategyguide.net/ – SWTOR Guide Note: Of the 5 datacrons, 4 are shared by both factions. The second datacron in this video is Empire only; Republic players have an option to get their own exclusive datacron in Anchorhead. 0:00 – Datacron 1: (X:-621, Y:-25). Aim +3. Take the speeder to Mos Anek. Head to the heroic crash site area, moving to the ledge (X:-600, Y-55). You can see the Datacron from this ledge. Jump off and get it. Very easy to get. 0:22 – Datacron 2: (X:727, Y:3132). Cunning +3. Empire Only. Start out in…

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