Tatooine Datacron Locations – SWTOR Guide

Tatooine Datacron Locations – SWTOR Guide

Tatooine Datacron Locations – SWTOR Guide


SWTOR – Tatooine Datacrons

Locations of Datacrons on Tatooine. http://www.swtor-holo.net/swtor-datacron-locations/swtor-tatooine-datacron-locations.html

Datacron Locations – Tatooine (Republic) – Game Cannon SWTOR

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A video guide to all of the Datacrons on Tatooine

SWTOR Tatooine Datacron Locations – Empire / Imperial Walkthrough

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Note: Of the 5 datacrons, 4 are shared by both factions. The second datacron in this video is Empire only; Republic players have an option to get their own exclusive datacron in Anchorhead.

0:00 – Datacron 1: (X:-621, Y:-25). Aim +3. Take the speeder to Mos Anek. Head to the heroic crash site area, moving to the ledge (X:-600, Y-55). You can see the Datacron from this ledge. Jump off and get it. Very easy to get.

0:22 – Datacron 2: (X:727, Y:3132). Cunning +3. Empire Only. Start out in Mos Ila (i.e. the town with the spaceport). You do not need a mount to get this as shown in the video – that was just done to speed up the video times. The jumps here can be very tricky. I did them with Sprint active, as I am used to running with that up – you can turn it off though if you are having issues with the jumps.

1:57 – Datacron 3: (X: -2390, Y:-1394). Blue Matrix Shard. Head to the far southwest corner of The Dune Sea. At (X:-2336, Y:1), and stand on top of the wreckage. Eventually a Jawa Balloon will float by that you can hop onto. It takes forever to do a full lap (literally around 1 hour). You can see it off in the distance about 5-10 minutes before it actually gets there. If its not there when you get there, you might as well do a Warzone or go AFK for 5 minutes and check back occasionally. When you actually get on it, fly it to around (X: -2390, -1394) where the Datacron is. This takes about 30 minutes or so for it to actually get into position, so you might as well find something else to do while you ride this thing.

3:25 – Datacron 4: (X: -2393, -1391). +3 Strength. From Datacron 3, fall down on that small platform sticking out from the side of the wreckage you jumped on. If you miss the jump, you have to do the balloon over again, so don’t mess up!

4:17 – Datacron 5: (X: 2074, Y: -577). +3 Willpower. Head far east of the Mos Anek taxi. Head to (X: 2080, Y: -438). From there, you can jump onto the ledge as shown in the video. You then have to fight through a cave with level 28ish elites in it, so you probably want to be about level 33 to clear this easily (or get a friend). You can certainly solo it earlier, it will just take a long time.

SWTOR – Tatooine Datacron Locations

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