Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort

Everything you need to know about Wii Sports Resort.

Wii Sports Resort Music for 10 Hours

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Wii Sports Resort – Cycling Road Race: 6-Stage Race [15:10.07]

WATCH IN 1080p!

In this video, I’ll be participating in the Cycling 6-Stage Road Race! (check the description for a detailed explanation on how to obtain these stamps.)

1:23 Day 1: Around the Island
4:39 Day 2: To the Beach
7:39 Day 3: Across the Bridge
10:46 Day 4: Over Talon Rock
14:24 Day 5: Up the Volcano
18:16 Final Day: Into Maka Wuhu

Splits (Times) / Place:
Day 1: 2:21.98 / 70th
Day 2: 2:02.50 / 53rd
Day 3: 2:09.31 / 24th
Day 4: 2:36.20 / 6th
Day 5: 2:52.63 / 1st
Day 6: 3:07.45 / 1st
Result: 15:10.07

Cycling Road Race:
Use your hands to pedal with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The key to speed is good timing.


Last Gasp: Examples at 3:56, 6:52, 17:25, 21:30
Finish a race when you’re out of breath; the animation where your Mii is blue, very tired, and drinks water to regain health. You can do what I do and cancel the animation at the end of the race and receive the sound.

First of Many: Examples at 17:25, 21:30
Finish a race in 1st place for the first time.

1-Stage Master: Obtained Off-Screen
Finish the six 1-stage races in first place.

3-Stage Master: Obtained Off-Screen
Finish both 3-stage races in first place.

6-Stage Master: Obtained at 21:31
Finish the 6-stage race in first place. You only have to finish first on the Final Day.

Wii Sports Resort Playlist (NEW):

Menu Screen:

Wii Sports Resort – Basketball Pickup Game: vs Champion Tommy (All Stamps)

WATCH IN 1080p!

In this video, I’ll be playing Basketball Pickup Game, and obtain all 5 stamps! (check the description for a detailed explanation on how to obtain these stamps.)

1:06 vs Team Miguel [Skill Level: 12] (1st and 3rd Stamps)
5:59 vs Team Jackie [Skill Level: 163] (2nd Stamp)
10:47 vs Team Yoshi [Skill Level: 1271] (Road to Champion)
15:31 vs (Champions) Team Tommy [Skill Level: 1497]
(4th and 5th Stamps/ Champion Match)

Basketball Pickup Game:
It’s a 3-on-3 pickup game. Dribble, pass, shoot… or dunk it!


Triple Dip: Obtained at 1:25
Score your first 3 point shot!

Rim Rattler: Obtained at 9:42
Dunk the ball five times in one game. To dunk, dribble/ run up to the blue area, underneath the basket and press B. It’s easier when the defender misses the steal and trips, otherwise you’ll have to get lucky and pass through an opening.

Lights Out: Obtained at 4:44
Make five 3-point shots in one game.

Buzzer Beater: Obtained at 19:49
Make a last-second shot just before the buzzer signals the end of the game. This is basically the clutch shot that wins you the game. You won’t get this stamp if you’re already in the lead. Also an alternate replay screen + music will play if done at the appropriate time, indicating that you did pull off a buzzer beater.

Hoop Hero: Obtained at 19:49
Defeat Tommy, Eva, and Tyrone, the Basketball champions in a match. You face Tommy when he is Team Captain at a level around 1500.

Wii Sports Resort Playlist (NEW):

Menu Screen:

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Wii Sports Resort – Nostalgia Rewind

Hello and welcome back to Nostalgia Rewind! It’s about time I made an episode on Wii Sports Resort, as it’s one of my favorite games of all time. This game totally still holds up today, and it was so much fun to go back and replay all the sports for this video. Thanks for watching!

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